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Asking For Donations At Checkout Counters

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1 Asking For Donations At Checkout Counters on Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:11 pm

Lately I've noticed this happening at checkouts in Loblaws and other supermarkets as well as Walmart.

I personally do not make a donation in these stores because I don't agree with it.

Your thoughts? Do you donate at your supermarket, liquor store, department store, etc.?

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2 Re: Asking For Donations At Checkout Counters on Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:47 pm

No I don't donate and I resent them asking me to. I think it puts us on the spot when we just spent $100.00 on food, but I like to address my own donations each month to whom I feel comfortable with. I always donate about $20.00 to Friends of Israel because they are God's chosen people. I also donate to a place who send me 10 books each month called "our daily bread". It is a daily book with scriptures and I hand them out. Actually, they send me 10 small print and 10 large print and my friends look forward to getting them.

I donate to the heart and stroke by buying their calendars each year and this year I ordered a $100.00 ticket. I hadn't done that for a few years, but I just got the urge.

If I go to church I usually put $10.00 in the offering plate.

The odd time I donate to a TV program where a friend of mine works from on TV.

That is about it. Oh yes, and I always put something in the Salvation Army kettle each year. Next year I am going to volunteer to sit at the kettle in a mall if they give me a chair. I like to do that.

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3 Re: Asking For Donations At Checkout Counters on Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:37 am

Josie, you've hit the nail on the one wants to be bullied into a donation at the checkout after just spending a goodly amount of money on groceries.

One day at the checkout in Walmart.....the lady in front of me replied by saying, that she would be glad to donate, if the store would then take that amount off of her total bill.

Those huge stores should be ashamed of themselves.....they could well afford to make a donation to whatever charity they chose, for each patron going through their checkouts.

I too bought a Heart and Stroke calendar.....and am considering the $100. ticket as well. I/we donate to the local foodbank......and Salvation Army as well.

I insist on making my donations to whomever I choose, rather than having someone else make my choice for me.

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4 Re: Asking For Donations At Checkout Counters on Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:33 pm

I just refuse..they do the same here in the USA even the drug stores are asking if you want to donate to a cause.. Yea my own cause, cause I'm broke like the rest of em!

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